Stop Complaining About Russell's Tag, a Guaranteed Split, Rondon's Gas, and Other Bullets

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Stop Complaining About Russell’s Tag, a Guaranteed Split, Rondon’s Gas, and Other Bullets

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You’re killin’ me, Cubs. I don’t even necessarily mean that in a cliche way – there is a theoretical limit to the abbreviated nights of sleep I could get before I would expire. A stretch of night games this month combined with September rosters combined with me living in the eastern time zone combined with two extra-inning affairs the last two nights … whoooo buddy, I am so wrecked today. I thought yesterday was rough. Nope. Today. Today is rough.

Time to chug some more of my delicious cold brewed coffee from my favorite cold brewer, still on sale at Amazon! (All right – good to know the pimping bone still works, despite the tired brain.)

  • Speaking of which, I feel ya, Joe:

  • Coming into this huge weekend series against the Brewers, we all pretty much understood the score: get swept, and that’s really bad. Lose the series, and that’s bad, but still probably OK. Split the series, and that’s a big win. Win or sweep the series, and the Brewers are toast. Now, here we stand, two games into the series, and the Cubs already have the split, at a minimum. This has already been a successful series. And now the Cubs can finish off the Brewers (with respect to the Central) with just one more win.
  • I see a lot of griping out there from Brewers (and Cardinals?) fans about the 10th inning play that saw Eric Sogard tagged out trying to take second base on a would-be wild pitch. The claim is that Addison Russell pushed Sogard off the base with his glove after Sogard was safe, but I really don’t see it. I see Russell holding the tag on Sogard throughout Sogard’s own body movement process, which takes him momentarily off the base (video at

  • That’s just good baseball. Eat your bitterness, hataz. (Bonus: I actually hate when guys are called out for coming slightly off the base and replay is used to show it … except in this case, the runner was called out on the field. The Brewers are the ones who brought replay into it.)
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
  • Cubs are good mmmkay:

  • Speaking of which, the Cardinals really are all class. Look at them (6-4 in their last 10) complimenting the Cubs (9-1) this morning:

  • The new Cubs “thing” is apparently going back into the clubhouse/tunnel together when a player gets especially frustrated, and then doing … something … to vent, hype back up, and turn things around (CSN, The details are still a bit fuzzy, but the cameras will be watching now to see if a large group of players suddenly disappears from the dugout.
  • Pitching for the first time in two weeks because of elbow inflammation, Hector Rondon looked incredible last night. His sharp, biting slider was fantastic, and he hit 99.8 mph with his fastball. He’s going to make the playoff roster.
  • I can’t imagine having to focus on baseball in a pennant race at the same time your family and friends are dealing with the devastation in Puerto Rico, but so it is for several Cubs, including Javy Baez (CSN).
  • The Mets are planning to have Noah Syndergaard finally start a game after a long injury recovery process … and he’s going to pitch one inning. The Mets are long out of the race, it’s the end of September, and what on earth is the point of having Syndergaard return to pitch an inning? I guess it could be fan service, or service to Syndergaard, but it also seems unnecessarily reckless, especially for a team that already has a long-standing reputation for not taking appropriate care of its players.
  • I was doing a Periscope on Twitter the other day and noted that I needed a stand for my phone so I didn’t always have to hold it and give people motion sickness, and boom, lightning deal on Amazon. Sold.
  • The hidden ball trick! It still exists!


Author: Brett Taylor

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