Cubs Will Draft 24th in the First Round Next Year Thanks to Yesterday's Loss

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Cubs Will Draft 24th in the First Round Next Year Thanks to Yesterday’s Loss

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The Cubs wrapped up the 2017 regular season at 92-70, which comes with all sorts of fun implications in the immediate future (read: playoffs), but it also sets up their initial draft pick standing for 2018.

Based on their record, the Cubs are now set to draft 24th next year in the first round. It’s the Cubs’ best initial standing in the draft since 2015 – and, hey, they still won the division and made the playoffs! Win-win!

At the top of the draft, the Tigers lost just enough to tie the Giants, and, by virtue of their worse record last year, they’ll get the top overall pick. In the NL Central, the Reds pick 5th, the Pirates 10th, the Cardinals 19th, and the Brewers 21st. A cruel reward for just barely missing the postseason.

Here’s the full rundown of the 2018 first round, as it stands today:

1. Tigers (64-98)
2. Giants (64-98)
3. Phillies (66-96)
4. White Sox (67-95)
5. Reds (68-94)
6. Mets (70-92)
7. Padres (71-91)
8. Braves (72-90)
9. A’s (75-87)
10. Pirates (75-87)
11. Orioles (75-87)
12. Blue Jays (76-86)
13. Marlins (77-85)
14. Mariners (78-84)
15. Rangers (78-84)
16. Rays (80-82)
17. Angels (80-82)
18. Royals (80-82)
19. Cardinals (83-79)
20. Twins (85-77)
21. Brewers (86-76)
22. Rockies (87-75)
23. Yankees (91-71)
24. Cubs (92-70)
25. Diamondbacks (93-69)
26. Red Sox (93-69)
27. Nationals (97-65)
28. Astros (101-61)
29. Indians (102-60)
30. Dodgers (104-58)

Had the Cubs won yesterday, they would have slipped to 26, since they had the tiebreaker of a better 2016 record over the Diamondbacks and Red Sox. Two spots doesn’t make *that* big of a difference once you get past the top 20 or so, but hey, it’s not nothing. Last year, it was about $160,000 in bonus pools space, in addition to getting the chance to get your guy two picks sooner.

So … um … good job not winning yesterday, Cubs.

Note: the new CBA will prevent a large-market team like the Cubs from getting a post-first-round compensatory pick, so don’t expect to see the Cubs with multiple selections in the 20 to 30 range this year. Instead, if they make Jake Arrieta and/or Wade Davis a qualifying offer, and if those pitchers decline and move on to new teams, the Cubs will get a pick after the second round (assuming they stay under the luxury tax limit; otherwise, it would be after the fourth round).


Author: Brett Taylor

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