Can the Cubs Match Their Three-Year Run? And Other Bullets

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Can the Cubs Match Their Three-Year Run? And Other Bullets

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Absence makes the heard grow fonder is a truism applicable to spouses not only in their spousing capacity, but also as coparents. It turns out. Because yo. You are missed, The Wife.

  • Joe Maddon offered an excellent way to think about the season the Cubs just had, and the success they’ve had over the past three years ( “[Getting to the LCS three years in a row] speaks to the group, speaks to the organization itself. That’s not lost on me, believe me. That’s pretty special stuff. You could ask other groups in Major League Baseball who have not had that same situation and ask them what they think about it.” Any understandable disappointment you may be feeling that the Cubs aren’t playing in the World Series should be tempered by the fact that virtually every fan base in baseball right now would be thrilled to be in the shoes of a Cubs fan. It’s been a fantastic three years.
  • Will the next three be as fantastic? Well, I’m a bit of a cold, calculating sort, and I say no matter how good the Cubs are, it’s not likely they’ll be one of the final two teams in the NL for six straight seasons. I also have my questions about how easily the Cubs will be able to continue a 90-win pace over the next few years without a top tier prospect cache from which to promote and make trades. I do believe the positional core will continue to achieve at a very high level, but I think the pitching situation is absolutely unnerving. If the Cubs do want to have a chance to make the next three years as good as the last three years, these next two offseasons will be critical (as well as the development of their prospects at the lower levels).
  • Hence: I’m pretty pumped for this offseason.
  • It’s wild that these wonderful memories were one year ago:

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
  • The World Series, which does not feature the Cubs, kicks off tomorrow night at 7pm CT on FOX in Los Angeles. Dallas Keuchel will face Clayton Kershaw, and I have absolutely no idea how excited or not I will be to watch the series. Normally, I love the World Series.
  • Michael hopped on Sports Feed last night:


Author: Brett Taylor

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