Dude Letting $14 Million Bet Ride Tonight, Cubs Prospects, and Other Bullets

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Dude Letting $14 Million Bet Ride Tonight, Cubs Prospects, and Other Bullets

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I have survived another year. Take that, Father Time.

And it was a very good year, what with the Cubs winning the World Series (people forget that). We won’t be able to say that about the most recent championship after tonight, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Also: The offseason is nearly here, with the World Series ending tonight. Make sure you take a peek at the offseason dates/schedule post we put together if you’re curious when the various things will be happening.

  • This is crazy: a gambler has reportedly won his bets on each of the first six World Series games, raising his winnings to $14 MILLION … and HE’S APPARENTLY PLANNING TO LET IT RIGHT TONIGHT. Take a little off the table, my dude! Even if I had the most perfect inside information about Lance McCullers’ arm or Corey Seager’s back or the juiciness of the balls, I could never let it all ride on a single baseball game – it’s just too unpredictable, no matter how much you think you know. What’s the most you could possibly let yourself bet on a single baseball game? Cut me off at $100 max.
  • Eric Longenhagen’s prospect chat has a few Cubs bits, including confirmation that Adbert Alzolay will be on FanGraphs’ top 100 prospects list, as he points out the mid-90s fastball and slider combo. Breakout AFL guy David Bote isn’t quite a sure prospect for Longenhagen, though, because he doesn’t seem to buy the glove playing at multiple positions (though he does buy the power). On third base prospect Wladimir Galindo, Longenhagen points to improved contact and better defense in 2017, and those are very good good signs, as those have been the big things (well, and health) holding him back so far. (Thanks for the heads up, Andy!)
  • I really hope Alzolay survives the winter in the Cubs’ organization, because it would be a lot of fun to track a high-minors, top-100, starting pitching prospect for the first time in … I’m drawing a blank. Everyone slept on Kyle Hendricks, so I don’t think he was ever a consensus top 100 type.
  • The World Series is even better now:

  • Well this should make for a good listen (expected November 21):

  • If you missed it earlier, the Cubs-Jeff Samardzija trade rumors are probably going to pick back up.
  • Dismissed Yankees manager Joe Girardi gave an interview to Ken Rosenthal about his time with the Yankees and about his own surprise and disappointment that the organization elected to move on. What’s clear now is that Girardi very much did want to return as the skipper for his 11th season, and it seems like the Yankees didn’t want him to be the guy in charge as they move into this new, youthful competitive window. Ouch. Girardi probably won’t leap right back into managing right away, but he does want to manage again down the road.
  • Among many other considerations, Jeff Sullivan throws some cold water on the “slick baseballs” theory of the World Series, as pitchers, in the aggregate, haven’t actually changed up their pitch mix in response to this issue that they’re complaining about. If the balls were really slick and killing sliders … wouldn’t they be throwing fewer sliders?
  • Anthony Rizzo did Halloween right:


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