BETTER REPORT: Cubs Did *NOT* Go Over Luxury Tax Cap

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BETTER REPORT: Cubs Did *NOT* Go Over Luxury Tax Cap

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We were extremely caught off guard earlier today when USA Today reported that the Cubs were among six teams that had gone over the luxury tax cap in 2017.

That would be sufficiently bad news for the Cubs that it merited immediate discussion (and a reminder of the consequences), but, as we noted, there was something that didn’t quite add up about the report. For one thing, the Cubs were pretty clear this year that they did not want to exceed the $195 million luxury tax limit, so going over by a mere $4 million would have been an odd – if not ugly – decision.

For another thing, I couldn’t make the math work. However you stretched the numbers (as best they’re available to us right now), it left about a $10 million gap between the Cubs’ payroll (even after extra 40-man players, reasonable bonuses, and player benefits) and the figure USA Today was reporting.

Thankfully, Jesse Rogers is very adamant that the Cubs did NOT go over the luxury tax limit:

Given the wonkiness with the USA Today report, and Rogers’ close proximity to the front office … I’m gonna go with Rogers on this one.

Thankfully, you may resume your confidence that:

(1) the Cubs will receive draft pick compensation after the second round (not the fourth) if Jake Arrieta and/or Wade Davis sign elsewhere; and

(2) the Cubs will give up their second highest pick (not second AND fifth) and $500,000 in IFA pool space (not $1 million) if they sign a qualified free agent like Alex Cobb.


UPDATE: Just to add another trustworthy voice to the rebuke:


Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.