The Cubs Still Owe the Tigers a Player for the Wilson-Avila Trade and Other Bullets

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The Cubs Still Owe the Tigers a Player for the Wilson-Avila Trade and Other Bullets

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Today, I found myself singing very loudly in the Raisin’ Cane’s bathroom, so apparently my mind is elsewhere.

Must be rumor season …

  • So this is an interesting tweet to see floating out there:

  • It’s not as if we didn’t know there was a PTBNL attached to the Wilson/Avila trade – it was in the official announcement – but in the flurry of the trade deadline, the second half, and then the playoffs, it definitely fell off my radar. So let me put it back on yours: typically, when a PTBNL goes unresolved for this long, it is a player who projects to be eligible for the Rule 5 draft in December, and the teams are only waiting until after the draft to finalize the trade (if the player goes unselected). OR, it’s a list of players, many of whom are Rule 5-eligible, and the teams are waiting until the November 20th deadline to protect internal candidates from the Rule 5 (and whichever on the list the Cubs are not going to protect, the Tigers get to choose from – something like that). It’s not necessarily that kind of setup, but again, typically that’s what it is when it gets to this point in the year and the PTBNL is still undecided.
  • Also, despite Anderson’s tweet, it remains possible that the resolution will be cash, depending on what the list of players is, depending on the parameters for selection the teams agreed upon, and depending on how the rostering decisions shake out. It sounds like the odds are that the Cubs will lose a prospect, though, and it’s possible it’ll be a guy with whom you are familiar. And people will once again rue that trade, which cost the Cubs Jeimer Candelario and Isaac Paredes (but totally made sense and looked good the day it was made).
  • The GM Meetings open up today, and I shared some thoughts this morning on what you might look for this week.
  • The major awards go out this week, too, with Rookie of the Year going tonight. It might be the most anticlimactic award ever, as everyone knows Aaron Judge is winning in the AL, and Ian Happ is winning in the NL. (Cody who? Never heard of him.)
  • And if you missed anything this weekend, catch up on the headlines here.
  • Over at TYL, the Bears, sigh, lost to a bad Packers team. And John Fox has been almost unthinkably unsuccessful with the Bears.
  • As is the case when the holidays approach, there are almost too many good deals that I feel compelled to keep on your radar. Fanatics is 25% off all orders TODAY ONLY, using the code LEAF. The MLB Shop flipped a bunch of Cubs stuff to clearance, including some jerseys:

  • And at Amazon, the Deals of the Day include fitness food, magnet building toys, holiday laser lights, and Contigo travel mugs. I literally have/want all of those things.


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