The Caveats on Signing Those Braves Prospects, Wrigley Work, and Other Bullets

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The Caveats on Signing Those Braves Prospects, Wrigley Work, and Other Bullets

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Have people already started traveling? Are you on the road right now? You should probably put your phone down and concentrate on the wheel.

  • We learned late last night that the Cubs (and other IFA penalty-boxed teams) will be able to offer more than $300,000 to the newly-available prospects, formerly with the Braves, so long as they use funds from next year’s IFA pool. Jonathan Mayo offers an interesting set of additional details here at MLB Pipeline. Presumably to assist these players in getting signed, MLB has decreed that the first $200,000 of any bonus that goes to these players will NOT count against the IFA bonus pool, which means that even teams with mostly exhausted bonus pools are going to be able to make competitive offers for the non-Kevin-Maitan types.
  • The rub for the Cubs? Their $300,000 maximum bonus penalty is still in place. So the Cubs could offer a prospect $300,000 right now, and only $100,000 would count against their bonus pool. But another team not in the penalty box could offer that same player $350,000, and only $150,000 would count against their pool. In other words, if the Cubs are going to load up on additional prospects from the Braves, it’ll probably have to be from their 2018-19 bonus pool *OR* it’ll have to be lower-tier prospects they like that other teams aren’t really willing to offer six figures (not because of bonus pool reasons, but because of their own budget reasons). You can still get some very interesting prospects in that group.
  • These players will be given a special signing period from December 5 until January 15 in which to sign. You can see more on the available prospects here at Baseball America.
  • It’s pretty incredible and speaks to their insane depth, but here’s Jim Callis’ updated farm system rankings even after the Braves lost their 12 prospects yesterday:

  • A couple things to keep in mind: some of the shine has worn off of Kevin Maitan after his disappointing debut (albeit at age 17), and only one other prospect lost was already in the Braves’ top 30 (remember: these are super young IFA prospects, who hadn’t really had a chance to move up the ranks yet). So that’s part of why the losses didn’t bump their ranking much. HOWEVA, the real sting will kick in over the next few years, as those players are no longer there to move up the ranks (at which time some of them would break out), and the Braves are also all but barred from serious IFA for the next three years.
  • Bovada sent me odds on where Giancarlo Stanton is traded (if he’s traded), and the Giants are extremely heavy favorites right now at 2/5, with the Cardinals next at 5/2. The Red Sox are 15/2, and the Dodgers are all the way down at 12/1. I’d probably put ten bucks on that last one, given that Stanton has no-trade rights and is from L.A. You never know. In any case, I like to look at odds like this because the marketplace of gamblers and casinos tend to naturally distill the rumors in a useful way.
  • Yo, Wrigley:

  • Among the work being done there are the dugouts being moved up the line, the new luxury suites being added, and more.
  • Pretty much every day:

  • The code on this deal is BULLPEN, which I feel like is a clue about the Cubs’ holiday shopping:

  • The rapture is here, and it’s starting with college football players:

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