Lots of Thanking, HOF Voter Gives Up Ballot, Harper Teases Cubs Again, and Other Bullets

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Lots of Thanking, HOF Voter Gives Up Ballot, Harper Teases Cubs Again, and Other Bullets

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A year ago today, although I was unquestionably thankful for a great many things, I was also in the emergency room in more pain than I previously knew was possible. As some of you probably recall, I had some rare complications from my vasectomy last year, which not only blew up our Thanksgiving, but they left me with lingering pain (and a peach-sized hematoma) for months thereafter.

This year, it seems very unlikely that I will wind up in the ER today, or that I’ll have an unwanted gargantuan visitor crowding out my unmentionables for next several months. For that, I’m thankful.

I am also thankful for my family, my friends, Michael-Luis-Luke, and, of course, all of you fine and wonderful readers, who allow me to talk about the time my vasectomy went horribly awry.

  • Speaking of thanks, whatever happens with Jake Arrieta’s free agency, let me offer up some thanks:

  • I’m also thankful for another NLCS run by the Cubs this year, which, even after the first half grind, was a whole lot of fun to follow. And, what do you know? I’m also still thankful for the 2016 World Series, which the Chicago Cubs won. (People forget that.)
  • I bet Passan will not be alone (and if you missed the Morgan letter, here you go):

  • Something I think many missed about this story is that Morgan represents the Hall in an official capacity. So this was effectively the Hall of Fame, itself, asking voters not to support certain candidates. I, too, found it wildly inappropriate, and I can’t blame any voters who decide they cannot participate right now.
  • He just keeps doing this stuff! I love it:

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Author: Brett Taylor

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