Teams Turning the Corner Could Dominate Free Agency and Other Bullets

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Teams Turning the Corner Could Dominate Free Agency and Other Bullets

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Ugh. I hear something in my wall. Right behind me as I type. That nearly unmistakable scratching sound of some kind of animal in there. YOU DON’T BELONG IN MY WALL!

  • Just as the Cubs were before the 2015 season, the Twins figure to be one of those young-and-turning-a-corner teams in the American League going forward. And, particularly with a new front office having more and more experience, they may wind up one of the surprisingly most active teams this offseason. Their GM is putting it all out there:

  • We talked yesterday about the things holding up the market, but perhaps you could throw something like this in there: if the Twins are being very aggressive on all the free agent pitchers, starting and bullpen, then perhaps that’s throwing quite a wrench in things (imagine a scenario where they’re bidding these guys up – for whatever unexpected reason – but the players really want to try to use those offers to get their preferred teams up … that could take a while to play out, especially if those preferred teams themselves are still exploring other options).
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  • Some NL teams you could see going big this offseason to help accelerate around that corner: the Brewers, the Phillies, the Braves, and the Rockies. Some of those might sound premature, but you don’t realize it’s happening until it’s already underway. And with a lot of teams eyeing next year’s free agent class, perhaps there’s a team out there that decides dominating THIS offseason is going to be their best path forward.
  • Paul Sullivan writes about the Cardinals and Brewers endeavoring to catch the Cubs, and how their offseasons may help them do it.
  • Among David Laurila’s Sunday Notes, three batters had a career walk rate of at least 20.0% (holy crap) – Ted Williams (20.6%), Barry Bonds (20.3%), and Max Bishop (20.0%). I was wholly unfamiliar with Bishop, who played from 1924 until 1935, until that note. Man, he’s got some weird numbers. He never really hit for power, never struck out, and yet he still had an insane walk rate. Clearly, his judgment of the strike zone and his contact ability were obscene.
  • Also from his notes, wow those are some names:

  • Ouch:

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