Remember When the Cubs Hit Stephen Piscotty *THREE* Times in a Single Trip Around the Bases?

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Remember When the Cubs Hit Stephen Piscotty *THREE* Times in a Single Trip Around the Bases?

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If there was a more unbelievable occurrence in the 2017 Chicago Cubs season, I’ll take suggestions.

Because from where I sit right now, I can’t think of something more utterly incredible than a Cardinals batter getting plunked at the plate, getting hit by the catching on the basepaths, and then getting hit again by a throw to the plate.

That’s what happened to Stephen Piscotty back on April 4, in the second game of the season. Jake Arrieta hit Piscotty to give him first base. Willson Contreras hit Piscotty when he took second base on a wild pitch. And then Javy Baez hit Piscotty on a play at the plate.

You’ll never see this again (

It’s important to note that Piscotty was ultimately OK, playing against the Cubs in the next game. Oh, also important to note? The Cubs won the game.

I remember Cardinals fans being pretty chippy about this that evening and for a few days thereafter, as though any one of those three throws were intended to hit Piscotty and give the Cardinals a run. Even if Contreras and Baez *tried* to hit Piscotty in those quick, whirl-and-throw moments, I’d give Willson a one-in-three shot, and then Javy about a one-in-twenty, all things considered.

Well, unless they were really mad about something. Then they could do it blindfolded. But they shouldn’t. Even against the Cardinals. No. Definitely shouldn’t see if they can pull it off again next year. No, sir. Not cool.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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