Giancarlo Stanton Would *Probably* Approve a Trade to the Giants, and the Marlins Like Their Offer

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Giancarlo Stanton Would *Probably* Approve a Trade to the Giants, and the Marlins Like Their Offer

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Yesterday, the big news on the Giancarlo Stanton trade front was that the Giants were reportedly willing to take on ALL of the 10 years and $295 million remaining on Stanton’s deal, which would immediately make them a favorite to land the MVP, regardless of whatever else they were offering.

I remain of the belief that Stanton’s deal, especially with its opt-out after three years, is an over-market contract that only a very small handful of teams could afford. If the Marlins could get a full-contract taker, they’d sprint to make it happen.

Of course, even if the report were true, there’s still a big rub: Stanton has to approve the trade for any of that to matter.

To that end, Jon Morosi reports more specifics today:

So, then, you’ve got the parameters of a trade that is acceptable to the Marlins and probably the Giants, and you’ve got a team to which Stanton will probably eventually accept a trade.

It’s happening, right?

Well, keep in mind, just because Stanton might eventually accept a trade to the Giants, he may not do so until he’s convinced a more preferred team like the Dodgers will definitely not step up to outbid their rival. So this could still take a little while.

And, until it shakes out, it’s not at all hard to see the market impact. Think about all the free agents who could be affected by the Giants or Dodgers committed a ton of their available dollars to Stanton. Think about all the teams waiting on those free agents. Think about all the other teams hoping to land a different player from the Marlins.

As the baseball world turns …


Author: Brett Taylor

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