Obsessive Ohtani Watch: Sound the Alarms, Because the Cubs' Meeting Was Today (UPDATE)

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Obsessive Ohtani Watch: Sound the Alarms, Because the Cubs’ Meeting Was Today (UPDATE)

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Well, it happened today.

Gulp. I wonder if we’ll hear of additional cut downs after tomorrow’s meetings, and if there will then be additional follow-up next week at the Winter Meetings with a smaller handful of teams. Ohtani has until December 22 to sign.

I also wonder if we’re going to learn who was involved in the Cubs’ meeting, and what points they hammered in their presentation. Here’s hoping the ability to use Ohtani in a very versatile, creative way was highlighted.

Oh, and I’m trying not to be an irrational freak and read into the fact that the Cubs were allotted their meeting time on the one day that included three teams, instead of just two. That doesn’t mean he had less interest in hearing from those three teams, Brett. That doesn’t mean he needed less time to consider those three teams thoughtfully, Brett. Why are you the way you are, Brett?!?!?

UPDATE: I am more calm now:

Fletcher’s report indicates that Ohtani met with the Angels on Monday, which would mean he had three meetings that day, and three meetings today. No short-changing anyone!

… but what if that means he was saving the Padres to have a full-day meeting on Wednesday because HE LOVES THEM? Oh, no, I’m back to being crazy again.

(In all seriousness, we don’t actually know when the Padres had/will have their meeting. It could also have been yesterday or today.)

This is Brett writing the intro by the way, but the rest of this post is from Michael …

  • At the Athletic, Sahadev Sharma asks the question you’ve been asking yourself every minute of the day since we found out the Cubs were finalists on Sunday: Can the Cubs really land Shohei Ohtani on the North Side? Although Sharma admits its still an uphill battle, he really drives home how much Epstein, the obsessive person who tends to get what he wants (in a good way), can do for the Cubs: “his reputation as a master recruiter is not overblown.” He won’t have the personal relationship he had with Jon Lester or Curt Schilling, and he can’t offer Ohtani a curse to break, but there’s plenty to like about the Cubs and Epstein may be among the best recruiters out there (don’t take this as homerism, either. Several executives throughout the league have echoed this exact sentiment over the recent weeks).
  • After meeting with the Dodgers and Giants yesterday, Ohtani met with – in addition to the Cubs and Mariners – the Rangers today, which included an 8-man contingent, according to Jeff Wilson (Star Telegram). That group included co-owener Ray Davis, GM Jon Daniels, Assistant GM Josh Boyd, Senior Director of Medical Operations Jamie Reed (interesting), Strength and Conditioning Coach Jose Vasquez, Manager Jeff Banister, and Japanese scouts Joe Furukawa and Jaime Watabe. The thinking is that each of the Rangers officials represented their response to a different aspect of Ohtani’s 7-point questionnaire from earlier in the offseason.
  • Given that Ohtani will be foregoing a lot of money to sign with a team now, keeping himself healthy and effective throughout his first contract is understandably a priority – in other words, if he doesn’t quickly get an extension, he’ll want to set himself up for a payday six years from now.
  • If you recall back, Eno Sarris took a look at which team could theoretically keep Ohtani the healthiest, and the Rangers literally ranked dead last, so …
  • By the way, the Cubs rank 17th on that list among all MLB teams. But among the seven finalists alone, they’re actually third: Mariners (9th), Giants (15th), Cubs (17th), Angels (20th), Padres (23rd), Dodgers (29th), Rangers (30th).
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Author: Brett Taylor

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