Yankees and Marlins Agree to Giancarlo Stanton Trade, Including Starlin Castro to Marlins (UPDATE)

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Yankees and Marlins Agree to Giancarlo Stanton Trade, Including Starlin Castro to Marlins (UPDATE)

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That was fast.

After rumors of negotiations first broke late last night, it looks like things progressed very quickly from there. Per Jon Heyman, with other reports suggesting it’s very close, the Marlins and Yankees agreed to a trade that will send reigning NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton north in exchange for a whole lot of salary relief, as well as Starlin Castro (to offset some of the 2018 salary and try to help keep the Yankees under the luxury tax level). There could also be some prospects in the deal.

The particulars are still trickling out, and the deal is still subject to medical reviews and Stanton’s no-trade clause. An earlier report indicated that the Yankees were a team to which he’d accept a trade, though, and given that the negotiations came so quickly after he rejected deals to the Giants and Cardinals, it’s a good bet that the Marlins know he’ll accept this one.


With Stanton in the fold, the Yankees would have three of the most powerful hitters in baseball, together with Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez. If nothing else, that’s gonna be fun to watch as an outsider.

The other upside to this is the probability that adding Stanton makes a serious Bryce Harper pursuit by the Yankees somewhat less likely. Not impossible, but less likely. Harper, a free agent after this coming season, has frequently teased about the possibility of coming to the Cubs.

As for our old friend, Starlin Castro, it’d be a bummer to see him serving out the final two years of his deal in Miami, where the team is going to be torn to pieces, but maybe he’ll wind up swapped to another team before that happens.

With Shohei Ohtani headed to Anaheim and Stanton headed to New York, any logjams remaining in the market have been totally cleared, and just in time for next week’s Winter Meetings. Buckle up, amigos.

UPDATE: So here are the particulars on the deal when it’s finalized:

Neither of those prospects is significant (not nothing, but not significant), and Castro is a pure salary dump. So the Marlins traded Stanton for nothing but *some* salary relief. That no-trade clause, man. It was brutal for them. Well, that plus the crippling debt of new ownership absolutely dictating a need to unload Stanton.


Author: Brett Taylor

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