It Sounds Like the Cardinals Could Be Moving Toward a Trade (UPDATE: Ozuna?)

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It Sounds Like the Cardinals Could Be Moving Toward a Trade (UPDATE: Ozuna?)

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When executives start using words like “momentum” and “optimism” together at the Winter Meetings, that’s usually a sign that something is close.

To be sure, that doesn’t mean a trade is happening tonight, but the Cardinals have been extremely active on the trade market this offseason, so it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if they finally got somewhere.

Consider how many potential trade partners are heavily in the rumor mill right now. The Tampa Bay Rays are considering tearing down, and the Cardinals have been connected to closer Alex Colome and third baseman Evan Longoria. The Miami Marlins are selling off every outfielder that isn’t bolted down, and the Cardinals have reportedly been heavy on Marcell Ozuna. Goold wrote at length about the Cardinals and Ozuna today, and the talks the teams had about Giancarlo Stanton will have served as a foundation for how each team values the Cardinals’ prospects. If I had to bet on where the “momentum” might be, it’s probably there with the Marlins and Ozuna or with the Rays and Colome.

There are other Cardinals connections, though.

The Baltimore Orioles are seriously shopping Manny Machado, and the Cardinals are involved there, too (obligatory Nightengale caveat applies, but he’s pretty tapped in with St. Louis):

And then there’s an older rumor that could be coming back:

The Cardinals are going to do something. There are too many options available to them and too great of a need for them not to get a deal done eventually. And, given the “momentum” and “optimism,” I’m thinking it’s probably coming as soon as here at the Winter Meetings.

If you’re interested, Cardinals, I have a suggestion:

UPDATE: This reads like things have progressed quite a bit between the Marlins and Cardinals:


Author: Brett Taylor

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