Marlins Situation is Another Reminder of How Effective Cubs Ownership Has Been and Other Bullets

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Marlins Situation is Another Reminder of How Effective Cubs Ownership Has Been and Other Bullets

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Even as yesterday was an inactive day at the Winter Meetings, it was certainly a full day of rumors and other news. If you missed any of it, I’d encourage you to flip to the home page and scroll back through the stories to catch up, because there’s a lot. In particular, I think the Theo Epstein comments, the Ian Happ-Danny Duffy trade proposal conversation, and the reliever rumors are worth your time. I mean, it’s all worth your time, but start there.

  • Stanton’s agent later confirmed that the Marlins did threaten that if Stanton didn’t accept a trade to the Giants or Cardinals, he’d be stuck with the Marlins for the next ten years. Obviously, the Stanton camp called the Marlins’ bluff.
  • New owner/CEO in charge of business *AND* baseball operations Derek Jeter was already getting dragged for not being at the Winter Meetings to discuss the Marlins’ moves, but when he showed up on Monday Night Football, it was downright ugly:

  • This is a guy who is (1) hopelessly naive, (2) surrounded by terrible advisors, and/or (3) does not care a lick about the impression you’re giving fans of your brand new team. I can only imagine the outrage right now among Marlins fans, for whom I hope that it’s just a combination of numbers one and two, and that those things will be corrected over the next year.
  • I am instantly reminded, once again, of what tremendous owners the Ricketts Family have been. Tom Ricketts came in the door and did two things: he made no changes until he had time to thoroughly study and live in the organization for a long time to really assess where things stood, and he brought in the best baseball minds he could find to handle the baseball side of things. You really can’t ask for more from a new owner.
  • And by the way, it’s not like the Cubs didn’t rebuild in a very tough market to accept a rebuild. So there were very similar challenges (plus the added challenge of getting a stadium deal done).
  • I just like reading this from time to time:

  • Totally random, but it made me smile:


Author: Brett Taylor

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