Winter Meetings Tuesday Night: Rangers on Greinke, Mystery Team on Ozuna, Cole, Machado, More

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Winter Meetings Tuesday Night: Rangers on Greinke, Mystery Team on Ozuna, Cole, Machado, More

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My head was already spinning from the usual onslaught of news and rumors that this week brings, and then the Shohei Ohtani elbow injury news? I gotta sit down.

I am already sitting down. I gotta lay down. After I do some more typing …

  • Greinke rebounded in a big way in 2017 after an ugly first year with the Diamondbacks (including a drop in velocity), but he’s owed a whopping $138.5 million over the next four seasons when he’ll be 34, 35, 36, and 37. So … as Wilson indicates, that might be a tough deal to work out unless the Diamondbacks are just looking to dump salary and the Rangers are content to pay a huge annual rate for a shorter term deal.
  • The Phillies signed up another reliever tonight, after already landing Pat Neshek:

  • The Red Sox have made no secret that they want a big bat to plug into their lineup, so it only makes sense that they’d be on the biggest free agent bat, who came to the Winter Meetings to talk to them:

  • Come on, now. The Mystery Team is never dreaded. They’re my second favorite team:

  • To be fair, there are probably several teams in on Ozuna, unless the earlier rumors of “momentum” toward a deal for the Cardinals really were about Ozuna. In that case, yes, the sudden and late appearance of a Mystery Team would be of particular note.
  • Of course the Nationals are in on Wade Davis – they still remember him closing them out of the NLDS:

  • As for another AL East team snatching an outgoing Cubs pitcher, Matt Gelb writes about the Phillies’ interest in going long on Jake Arrieta, and a source tells him that it isn’t happening.
  • Meanwhile, the Orioles worked the meetings today on superstar third baseman Manny Machado (a free agent after 2018), and that could include a little strange bedfellows situation:

  • The Pirates may be willing to move Gerrit Cole, which would be huge news not only as a signal for the Pirates’ 2018 competitiveness, but also for where they might move him:

  • That’s the second time we’ve heard the Brewers looking at controllable starting pitchers in trade today (Chris Archer, earlier).


Author: Brett Taylor

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