Kris Bryant Adds "Best Son-in-Law" Trophy to His Collection

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Kris Bryant Adds “Best Son-in-Law” Trophy to His Collection

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Although Christmas is about much more than gift-giving, there always seems to be a few heart-warming stories – interconnected with the baseball world in one way or another – around this time of the year.

Sometimes, they’re small scale – like when these kids bought their dad a baseball mitt so they could play catch together more often – and other times they’re as big as gifts can get, like when D-Backs prospect Pavin Smith paid off his parent’s mortgage.

Whatever the gift, as long as the thought is genuine, it’s always great to see. And to that end, we have one more great one to share with you, this time involving the Cubs’ own Kris Bryant, who, together with his wife Jess, bought his mother-in-law a brand new car:

According to Jess Bryant’s caption (below), Bryant’s mother-in-law is not only a very deserving person, but she’d also been driving the same car for nearly 17 years – which is probably older than at least a few people reading this post!

Anyone who has met my mom knows she is the nicest woman on the planet. She has been so selfless her entire life, always putting her kids first. From working 50 hour work weeks, driving us to our games/practices, to being our biggest supporter…she never stopped. Still to this day refuses to let us pay for a meal because “she’s the mom and that’s her job”. She has been driving the same car since 2001 and it was never even a thought to buy a new car because hers still worked. Kris & I are beyond blessed to be given the opportunity to surprise her with a brand new car. Nothing can repay her for all her sacrifices over the years that we are both so thankful for. Merry Christmas momma💛

So they decided to do something special and surprise her with an amazing Christmas gift – a brand new Jeep. And although this gift may lean closer to mortgage payment than baseball mitt, all three carry the spirit of the holidays and do their part to make this season mean something.

Well done, kiddos. I’m sure your mom(/in-law) is very proud.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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