Wade Davis on Choosing the Rockies, Kerry Wood for Hall of Fame, and Other Bullets

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Wade Davis on Choosing the Rockies, Kerry Wood for Hall of Fame, and Other Bullets

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The kids had one more day of break yesterday, so I got to take The Little Girl to an exercise class with me in the morning – they had a special one for parents and kids. It was a lot of fun to get to do that with her. The Tuesday class I go to is a version of pilates, which means I am the only guy in the class (whatever, I’m getting fit and staying sane – no shame in it). It turns out, even with kids in the class … I was still the only guy. Not that I would have been, like, fist-bumping someone’s six-year-old son and talking about cars and dirt and sports and spitting, but I figured there’d be at least some boys in there. No dice. I would have taken The Little Boy, but he was too young for the class. Next year? He’s coming, so at least I’ll have one bro in there.

  • New Rockies closer Wade Davis talked about his decision to sign in Colorado after a successful one-year run in Chicago. It turns out Davis’s friend Jake McGee lobbed up some really strong sales pitches to get Davis to come join him in the Rockies’ very pricey bullpen. Davis emphasized that he sees a competitive team and that’s what he wanted to be a part of – and I’m sure he wouldn’t have chosen a team that he didn’t think could win – but, of course, being the highest paid reliever in baseball (by AAV) was probably at least a small factor. (In all seriousness, my guess is the Rockies had to go to that level to get Davis to finally agree.)
  • Cut4 endeavors to make the Hall of Fame case for Kerry Wood. Although he’s a surefire Cubs Hall of Famer (if and when that ever becomes a thing), Wood will not be enshrined in Cooperstown, despite Cut4’s mostly-humorous case. Wood did, of course, have some incredible moments – the best game ever, for example – and he got to walk off the mound after a three-pitch strikeout, leaving the game on his terms:

  • You don’t often see too many tributes to Cubs Business President Crane Kenney, but The Cub Reporter took on the job, and I think quite fairly pointed out how Cubs revenues have soared in the last few years. Ultimately, Kenney will be judged in large part based on what happens with the Cubs’ TV rights in the next two years, but in this current run of success, it certainly seems like he’s done a good job getting that “wheelbarrow of money” to Theo Epstein and crew.
  • Feel like there’s a name missing here:

  • And as Matt Clapp points out, there *is* a name missing: Addison Russell has 44 DRS at shortstop since 2015, but doesn’t have enough innings to qualify for this “since 2013” list. Russell also had 9 DRS at second base in 2015, just for good measure.
  • If you missed it earlier, I’m loving on three of the Cubs’ comebacks in 2017.
  • Maybe it’s just because I love ‘Reservoir Dogs,’ but this is just freaking excellent, Michael:

  • Over at TYL, the Bears WILL be interviewing Josh McDaniels for the head coach job, together with several other candidates. No Jim Harbaugh, though.
  • The office chair I use is the deal of the day at Amazon today, but be forewarned, it’s one of those stability ball chairs, because I figure I might as well be working my core a little while I’m typing. Man, this whole post turned into a douchey fitness take. Sorry. And now I’m off to go lift weights. (I am the worst.)


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