Day Two at the Cubs Convention, Bryant with More Harper Teasing, and Other Bullets

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Day Two at the Cubs Convention, Bryant with More Harper Teasing, and Other Bullets

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With apologies, I’ve gotta keep the Bullets brief today, because I’m doing the various Cubs Convention things …

  • I’m here at the Cubs Convention for Day Two, with the panel discussions going on. It’s such a different vibe now that the Cubs are in the “sustained success” mode, with friendly questions aplenty. Not that I’m saying I *want* angry, prepared-statement-type comments from the fans, but it certainly kept things lively.
  • The biggest laugh at the front office panel (where I’m currently sitting and writing) came after this:

  • Speaking of which:

  • There was a fantastic question about how it came to be that the Cubs signed so many pitchers early despite the slow market, and whether the Cubs expected things were going to be like this. Scott Harris, recently promoted to assistant GM, took the response: it wasn’t so much about anticipating what was going to happen, but it was more about what they usually do: identify a few guys they really want to sign, target them aggressively early, and try to get those deals done.
  • Kris Bryant’s first year of arbitration will net him $10.85 million, which breaks the record set a decade ago by Ryan Howard ($10 million). Theo Epstein said it was a deserved new record (ESPN).
  • Kyle Schwarber talked about his physical transformation this offseason, though he says it was less about slimming down, specifically, and more about just trying to be overall healthier.
  • At the ownership panel, the Ricketts indicated that Hotel Zachary – across from the ballpark – is due to open in April. And, yes, the McDonald’s will be back.
  • The annual Sammy Sosa question:

  • A little recap from the first day of the Convention:


Author: Brett Taylor

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