Spring Training Miscellany: Cubs Win, Morrow Fine, Chatwood Solid, Bourjos Departs, More

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Spring Training Miscellany: Cubs Win, Morrow Fine, Chatwood Solid, Bourjos Departs, More

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The Cubs beat the Brewers 4-3 today at Sloan – TAKE THAT, BREWERS! – with just three Cactus League games remaining before the Cubs head off for two exhibitions against the Red Sox.

  • ‘The big story from this one was the fear and panic associated with Cubs closer Brandon Morrow facing just two batters, throwing six pitches, and getting pulled. But the initial word is that it was maybe just a weird planned thing:

  • Panicking about a possible injury is pretty much all Spring Training has left for the Cubs, in terms of big news from the games. So … no more news, thankyouverymuch.
  • Ian Happ led this game off with a dinger, reminding everyone that he is pretty much yeah basically not every day but essentially the Cubs’ leadoff hitter.
  • Solid enough day for Tyler Chatwood, who also knocked an RBI double:

  • Looks like a nice circle change grip there in the first shot. Obviously you’d like to see more strikeouts and fewer walks, but these guys are just getting in work at this point.
  • Peter Bourjos hit an RBI single in this one, and then was immediately lifted for a pinch runner. It didn’t seem like the kind of time where a guy was just getting pulled because his spring day was done, so we knew it was something – but it wasn’t anything too serious:

  • Reportedly, though, it still ended Bourjos’ time with the Cubs:

  • Justin Hancock, fighting for the final bullpen spot, pitched the final two innings of this one in scoreless fashion.
  • Although Joe Maddon said it was going to be a very difficult decision, it sounds like the back-up catcher choice has been made:

  • He made it:



Author: Brett Taylor

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