Kyle Hendricks is Crafty, Brandon Morrow Ain't Effin' Around, and Other Bullets

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Kyle Hendricks is Crafty, Brandon Morrow Ain’t Effin’ Around, and Other Bullets

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I’m on my way home from Chicago, which means I’m writing from the road (not literally). Hooray for the portability of work! Boo for suspect WIFI …

  • Although it was a little bothersome to see so many relievers enter a 6-1 game in the 9th inning (Pedro Strop proooooobably could have just finished that one out), I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have a guy like Brandon Morrow come in with a big league and just say, yeah, I’m not effin’ around here:

  • The Cubs’ closer has a 100 mph fastball with great life and movement, and he’s just gonna throw it right at you in that situation. Good luck.
  • After a slow-ish start on the peripheral front for Morrow, he’s up to a 29.2% strikeout rate, and down to a 9.2% walk rate. Opponents can’t do diddly plop with his pitches, and they’re hitting just .169 while making 25.0% soft contact. His 1.04 ERA is 11th best in all of baseball among relievers.
  • Kyle Hendricks was fantastic over seven innings yesterday, allowing just two hits, two walks, and one earned run (a solo homer). He was rarely in any kind of trouble, and he struck out seven:

  • Good luck to you:

  • When Kyle Hendricks has that much velocity on his fastball (hey, it’s relative), when has that much movement on his changeup, and when he’s locating both pitches, you’re simply not going to be able to tell which pitch it is before you have to trigger your swing. Wait on the changeup? The fastball zips by for a called strike. Start to swing at the fastball? You will miss the changeup horribly. Hendricks forces you to guess, and even if you’re right, there’s frequently enough movement and command that you can’t wreck the ball.
  • Hendricks’ ERA is down to 3.16 after that performance, which is 16th best in the NL. Oh, also, he’s incredibly good at hiding the ball:
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
  • Rizzo:

  • Happy birthday to 37-year-old clutch hitter, Ben Zobrist:


Author: Brett Taylor

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