How Quickly Things Turn, Crazy Interference, King Anthony, Arrieta, Russell BP, and Other Bullets

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How Quickly Things Turn, Crazy Interference, King Anthony, Arrieta, Russell BP, and Other Bullets

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If you break a leg, you get it fixed. If your heart develops an issue, you take medicine or get surgery. If your appendix starts acting up, the doctors take it out. And yet somehow there is still this idea that when your brain is performing in ways it is not supposed to, that’s somehow different. The brain is just another organ of your body, and sometimes it malfunctions. There is nothing the least bit strange or shameful about going to the doctor to talk about your brain’s performance, just like you would any other part of your body. I know – personally – that can be a hard hump to get over, but thinking about it in this way helped me (and also helped me better empathize with others). So I just wanted to say it here, today.

  • I’m still blown away by how fast that Phillies series turned from a “oh god they’re going to get swept at home by the Phillies aren’t they” situation in the 9th inning in the second game to … SERIES WIN BABY CUBZ ARE BACK BACK AGAIN. It speaks not only to how huge that Jason Heyward grand slam was, but also to the nature of baseball and fandom. The sport is, like the fans are, so freaking silly and fickle.
  • If you thought the strike zone was bad yesterday (when Kris Bryant starts jawing at you, then you know you have an erratic zone), this was probably a factor:

  • Reviewing the zone on Brooks shows that it was pretty inconsistent and poor overall, though I’ve seen much worse.
  • Tommy La Stella reached base TWICE yesterday by catcher’s interference, which is something we have literally never seen a single Cubs player do in a game before. It’s a credit to how deep La Stella can let the ball get in the zone, but also probably a comment on Phillies catcher Andrew Knapp getting a bit too far out there with his glove:

  • A player reaching twice in the same game on catcher interference has happened only seven other times in baseball history. Jacoby Ellsbury is the king of this particular play, with the career lead at 30(!), and a single-season record of 12(!). I mean, you pretty much are just swinging at the catcher’s glove at that point, right?
  • If you’re wondering: the catcher is charged with an error on those plays, but the batter gets a weird set of stats when interference occurs – one plate appearance, but no result from it as counting for or against their on-base percentage. So, it’s like it happened and also like it didn’t happen.
  • Addison Russell (finger) is going to take BP today and see how he feels. If it goes well, he could be available late in today’s game (Muskat). If it doesn’t go well, you’ve gotta figure the Cubs will finally put him on the DL, right?
  • Anthony Rizzo heat check after a nice series against the Phillies: .253/.354/.448, 117 wRC+. He is still the king of the castle.
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  • I enjoyed this read at ESPN about Cubs starting pitcher Mike Montgomery, why he was kicked off his high school basketball team, and how it set him on a better path in baseball. It’s really good (unfortunate title notwithstanding: “Yu Darvish’s replacement is doing his job better than Darvish”).
  • Cubs pitching prospect David Garner was catching helium as a possible future reliever for the Cubs when he was suspended in Spring Training for testing positive for a drug of abuse. That was 50 games. And now he’s just been suspended for 100 games for his third such violation. This is a young man who just got back from a suspension for a drug of abuse, and then was immediately suspended again for a drug of abuse. I don’t know what the drug was and I’m not going to speculate. I just hope there is something positive in his future.
  • Jake, I know we have pointed out the disconnect in your results and your peripherals, but I’m just gonna say that now is not the time for regression:

Good morning, Brewers. #Cubs

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  • I laughed:

  • Ballpark proposals are a contentious issue on the order of hot dog sandwichery and when a team has batted around, so I’m gonna plant my flag: I am pro ballpark proposals (for other people). I wouldn’t do it myself – I proposed in a car after having to wake The Wife up from a nap – but it’s one of those things that I figure if people really enjoy it, then go for it. And it’s not like the crowd isn’t going to hoot and holler and enjoy the heck out of it (regardless of the answer … ). So, this Wrigley bleachers proposal is fine by me:


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