More St. Louis Criticism of Dexter Fowler, and This Time His Wife Aliya Blows It Up

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More St. Louis Criticism of Dexter Fowler, and This Time His Wife Aliya Blows It Up

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There was some drama over in the Cardinals’ world yesterday involving our old friend – DON’T YOU HURT HIM, DAMN IT! – Dexter Fowler.

It started with what I believe was an unfair tweet:

Saxon’s tweet really summed up what a lot of Cardinals fans have been feeling about Fowler’s play, and I tend to think it’s more about the fact that he isn’t hitting than how he looks out there. Well, and about a group of fans – I am *not* saying Saxon – who consciously or unconsciously hold Fowler to a different standard than some other players. Yes, he does the low catch thing. Always has. But he also catches thousands of balls a month between games and warmups and whatever, and he doesn’t drop any easy ones. So let’s relax with trying to call him out for how he looks missing a ball slicing away from him in the corner when he’s running to try to catch it.

In any case, Fowler’s awesome and outspoken wife Aliya saw the Saxon tweet, has undoubtedly been feeling these broader things already, and responded:

Saxon, to his credit, saw the point that Aliya was making:

When I read Saxon’s tweet, I had one of those gut-level “ugh” feelings. I think mostly that was probably the instinctive protect-Fowler-from-unfair-Cardinals-levied-criticism thing, but I also think it probably was partly was Aliya was getting at. It’s a subtle thing, but words used around events, when aggregated over time, paint a picture of reality, especially for folks who aren’t obsessively following a game or player or whatever. Saxon’s tweet, probably unintentionally, painted a picture of who Fowler is – or, I suppose I should say, added a few more strokes to the painting that many in St. Louis have been composing for the past couple years – and it can be harmful in the long run. Good on Aliya for pointing this out in the way that she did, and good on Saxon for being willing to consider the impact of his word choice.

As for the overall Fowler-in-St.-Louis thing, maybe I’m only exposed to the bad stuff, but it just feels like it has gone so poorly for him with the Cardinals. Last year, he hit well, but his defense took a step back by the metrics, and fans always seemed to be on him about it. This year, he’s not hitting at all (.182/.284/.301), and he’s getting no grace from the Best Fans in Baseball.

Fowler got paid handsomely, and I’d never begrudge any player for gettin’ his while he can. I also would never say that just because he got a lot of money that he doesn’t deserve some level of decency from the fan base. I don’t think he’s getting it, and it makes me sad for him and his family. Three and a half years left on that deal.


Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.