Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 4, Dodgers 0 – June 20, 2018

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Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 4, Dodgers 0 – June 20, 2018

Enhanced Box Scores

Despite blowing that first game, the Cubs take the series! That’s a good one, folks. I am very pleased.

And today’s game was a good one, even if there were also some missed opportunities (much like the series). Some clutch hits, a dinger, stellar defense, and just two pitchers needed to get through nine scoreless innings.

Jon Lester gave the Cubs seven of those scoreless innings today, well exceeding 100 pitches in the process, and he deserves plenty of credit for that. The Cubs’ defense also deserves a lot of credit, as they turned in multiple excellent plays in support of Lester’s performance.

The Luck Dragon of BABIP, though, also deserves a lot of credit, because Lester was hit hard today. There’s no getting around that fact, and the Dodgers were not really fooled by much on the day. When you’ve got a great defense, though, sometimes staying around the zone and letting them hit it will play. Granted, a start exactly like that yields seven shutout innings probably only once in 50 games, but I bet it’ll give you a usable start more often than not in front of this defense.

Javy Baez was all over the place today – at the plate, at multiple defensive positions, and on the bases (where he would have scored another run if not for an insanely bad check swing call). Baez is so good that the fans know what a star looks like when they see him, even if a particularly dunderheaded Los Angeles writer uses it as an opportunity to write silly things:

Cubs win. Cubs win. I think I’ll do some chanting right now:

Full box score.


Author: Brett Taylor

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