LET'S GO: Schwarber and Baez Bombs Away – 2018 MLB Home Run Derby Info, Open Thread, Etc.

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LET’S GO: Schwarber and Baez Bombs Away – 2018 MLB Home Run Derby Info, Open Thread, Etc.

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Hello, friends … I’d just like to welcome you to the All-Star break with a gentle reminder that IT’S TIME FOR THE MOTHA TRUCKIN’ HOME RUN DERBY! LET’S FREAKIN’ GO.

Although not every baseball fan – or player – is particularly keen on the Home Run Derby, those people are dumb. Long balls are awesome and I want to see a gazillion of them hit over the course of the night. But while all Home Run Derbies are inarguably awesome, tonight’s event will be particularly exciting for Cubs fans. As I’m sure you know, there is not one, but TWO members of the Cubs, Javier Baez and Kyle Schwarber, participating in the event.

And better than that, these two guys are on different sides of the bracket, which means they could actually square off in the finals. OH PLEASE, DEAR BASEBALL GODS (old and new), GIVE ME EL MAGO v. THE HULK tonight.

In case you’ve forgotten how the event will work or when it will begin, here are a few key reminders. But note, the full rules (intricacies, tie-breakers, matchups, etc.) can be seen here at MLB.com.

  • Location: Washington Nationals Park
  • Time: 7:00 CT
  • Broadcast Info: ESPN


Format: The event will be a single elimination bracket, with three rounds on each side. Each batter will get four minutes/round to hit as many home runs as possible and the clock starts with the release of the first pitch.

Timeouts: In the first and second round, players can stop the clock once for 45 seconds. In the finals, the batter can stop the clock twice, once for 45 seconds and again for 30 seconds.

Bonus Time: 30 seconds of bonus time will be awarded for hitting at least 2 HRs that go 440 feet or more – time is awarded at the end of the initial four-minute round and the clock cannot be stopped during bonus time.

Tie-breakers: Ties in any round will be broken by a 60-second swing-off with no time stoppage. If that results in a tie, batters will square up in a three-swing swing off until there is a winner. If that results in a tie, two-man sack races will be held on consecutive Sunday’s until a winner is crowned.


Because the Cubs have two participants in the derby this year, I’m going to do a special HR Derby bet for the #BNBlogathon to raise funds for Make-A-Wish:

That’s $1 for every home run from either Schwarber or Baez and an extra $25 dollars if Baez takes home the crown, all headed out in support of Make-A-Wish (and crazy Trade Deadline coverage!).

So far a lot of people have jumped in on that bet with me and I encourage you to do the same. Just respond to that tweet – or drop a line in the comments below – if you’re in. I can tell you from experience that whatever good feeling you get from donating is maximized when the donation gets spurred by something fun.

So far, @CTwice, @JD_Brown, @IvyChat, @Steveyd24, @PVCDDS, @RWThompson00 and @BleacherNation have all committed to joining us tonight. I want to see a lot more names on that list before the game starts, so jump in and contribute what you can (even if it’s 10 cents a HR, every bit counts). Let’s watch some homers and make some dreams come true, eh?


Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @Michael_Cerami.