What The … MLB Players Vote St. Louis Cardinals Fans as the Best in Baseball

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What The … MLB Players Vote St. Louis Cardinals Fans as the Best in Baseball

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Oh great. Now the Best Fans in Baseball can actually say that’s something of an officially-sanctioned moniker, rather than a needle we all use to poke at them …

Ugh. The Cubs’ fan base was third in this one, but the Cardinals’ fans in St. Louis easily grabbed the top spot as polled by MLB players.

Maybe Cardinals fans really are – in the aggregate – good and fair and knowledgeable and all the stuff that they will tell you they are. We internet nerds get only a slice of the fan base, and, because of the nature of the web, it tends to be the worst of the worst. It’s not as if there aren’t some horrible Cubs fans out there, too.

The players have voted. And the Cardinals’ fans take the top spot. Bully for them. They needed a feather in their cap after the few years they’ve had.

The whole poll results are a fun read over at The Athletic, with topics like most feared hitter, friendliest at first base, should MLB add a pitch clock, etc. There was also a question on overrated players (Bryce Harper won going away), and Javy Baez showed up down the list with an anonymous player saying that a lot of what Baez does is risky and stupid. Maybe so … but it works. So who’s overrated exactly?


Author: Brett Taylor

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