Jon Lester Isn't About the Data, the Rotation is in Peril, Happy Schwarberversary, and Other Bullets

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Jon Lester Isn’t About the Data, the Rotation is in Peril, Happy Schwarberversary, and Other Bullets

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The Wife and I watched ‘IT’ last night, which I thought was kinda disappointing on the whole. A little too much heavy leaning on “this thing looks really scary doesn’t it?!?” instead of the creepy tension that I always associated with the original miniseries (which, by the way, is campy as hell if you ever go back and watch it now … so bad (except for Tim Curry as Pennywise – that holds up well)). The scariest parts of the movie were, by far, the early moments where they just showed a little bit here and there and mostly alluded to the terror, rather than trying to beat you over the head with it.

About an hour into the movie, we got a text from our out-of-town neighbor, who’d realized they left stuff out in their garage that they needed put into their garage fridge. So, I went over and did it, and I just want to say that I am extremely brave.

  • This will read much worse to you without the entire context of what Jon Lester said about what he’s concerned about, and what his job is (so my advice is to read the whole Athletic piece, as it’s an excellent look at the relationship between the data geeks and the players on the field):

  • Whether Lester cares about the “analytics BS” or not, the Cubs very much care about it, and their job is to translate it into something actually useful for Lester. In turn, it’s his job to keep working on implementing the game plan, executing his pitches, and working in the zone a bit more. I have zero concerns about Lester, at this point in his career, putting in the work. He will. I also have zero concerns about whether Lester cares about the analytics – that’s for the Cubs employees who work on that stuff to care about (and, to a less important extent, us).
  • As for the outing yesterday, it was a disaster all around. Lester says he’s mechanically been off for a while (NBC), and could see this start coming for a while. On the bright side, Lester did not get absolutely smoked yesterday – it was more like, a lot of firm contact, and not much soft contact. As we’ve discussed all year, sometimes, with this defense, that’ll be just fine. And sometimes, he’ll have a start like yesterday. If he can execute his pitches a bit better and tighten up the command, he’ll be far less likely to have the kind of extreme blowup start like he did yesterday.
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  • There are a TON of caveats to this FanGraphs piece on the Cubs being on pace for their worst rotation ever (not the least of which is that it’s by just one measurement, when there are others that have the Cubs’ rotation as above average *this* year), so I wouldn’t really let that headline be your whole takeaway. But it’s completely fair to note that the Cubs’ rotation has been wildly disappointing on the whole this season, and we aren’t exactly getting signals that there’s an immediate turnaround on the horizon.
  • Victor Caratini, Gold Glove pitcher:

  • Happy anniversary:

  • That’s nuts:

  • The Bears have opened up training camp, and Luis is there on the ground to have a look. Make sure you’re following TYL on Twitter if you want to see for yourself:


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