Wow: Umpire Angel Hernandez Actually Admitted He Got the Anthony Rizzo Call Wrong

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Wow: Umpire Angel Hernandez Actually Admitted He Got the Anthony Rizzo Call Wrong

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At the conclusion of Sunday’s probably-still-woulda-lost Cubs game, Anthony Rizzo expressed extreme displeasure with home plate umpire Angel Hernandez’s strike call that ended the game.

The pitch was not even close:

Usually, when this kind of thing happens, we beef for a couple days, nobody from the league or the umpiring crew says a word, and then we move on to ponder the implications of robotic umpires in an only-partially dystopian future (sure, Big Brother is everywhere, but they deliver the pizza directly INTO your stomach!).

Not this time. Some credit to Hernandez:

Good. Fine. It was awful, but it happens. Moving on.

Interestingly, the call provided an opportunity for Joe Maddon to share his thoughts on an electronic strike zone, and he’s changed his mind in the opposite direction from most folks over the past year:

As I am still not *entirely* sold on an electronic strike zone (I think I would like to see teams able to use challenges on pitches – maybe two total challenges of any kind during a game), I don’t have a problem with Maddon’s perspective. I’m not so sure on the explanation, though. Too many pitches that touch the strike zone would be called strikes? Aren’t those … strikes? It’s not as if we don’t have plenty of non-strikes being called strikes today (and vice versa) – that’s the entire reason “pitch framing” exists.


Author: Brett Taylor

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