How the Cubs Keep Winning, De La Rosa's Incredible Turnaround, Javy's Hustle, and Other Bullets

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How the Cubs Keep Winning, De La Rosa’s Incredible Turnaround, Javy’s Hustle, and Other Bullets

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The Cubs clinched last year in St. Louis. They clinched the year before because of a late-night Cardinals loss in mid-September (it was the night The Littlest Girl was born, as a matter of fact). They clinched (the Wild Card) the year before because of a late-night Giants loss.

This year, with the Cubs now at home for the rest of the season, there’s like a 50/50 chance they clinch AS A RESULT of a win at Wrigley Field. I really hope it happens that way, and I’d love to see it.

  • Joe Maddon tries to sum up how it is that his guys keep winning games – 91 wins – despite not ever really feeling like it has ever fully come together ( “As an entire group, we’ve been off a little bit and we’re still in a good position. I think that speaks to you want to win. I know that’s dumb and it sounds maybe trite because everybody wants to win. When you go out there and realize, ‘I might not be at my best today but there are these other things I can do to help the team win,’ and I think our guys are at that mental level.” It does indeed sound trite, but also … I don’t know that I can argue with it at the moment. I remain blown away that this particular team has the most wins in the NL. They find ways to win. (Remember, despite how it may feel, they’ve got the most comeback wins in MLB this year.)
  • Maddon says Pedro Strop is “surprising himself” with his hamstring recovery ( I’d still preach caution about letting yourself be hopeful he can return before the regular season ends (he isn’t throwing off the mound yet), even if Strop, himself, has made that his goal.
  • When I was looking at the box score for yesterday’s game, having admittedly missed most of it, I was gobsmacked by the ERA lines for the two Cubs pitchers who went: Kyle Hendricks (3.49) and Jorge De La Rosa (3.54). Seriously? Jorge De La Rosa now has virtually an identical ERA to Kyle Hendricks, who has been freaking absurdly good in the second half? De La Rosa came to the Cubs with a 4.63 ERA over 35.0 innings with the D-Backs, and he’s been at 1.47 over 18.1 innings with the Cubs (and his peripherals have been *chef kiss*). What a freaking scouting job that was by the Cubs, eh? The fact that he and Jesse Chavez are now virtual locks to make the playoff bullpen – while guys like Brandon Morrow and Tyler Chatwood will not – is pretty mind-blowing when you think about it.
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  • Javy Baez has the actual power, but he also has the hustle and speed to supplement his power numbers:

  • What are we, uh, what exactly is going on here:

  • In the Bears world, they won! Barely! Despite some really dodgy offense! But a win is a win!


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