Chili Davis's Accountability, Brewers and Dodgers Cruising, Cubs Love Smokies, and Other Bullets

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Chili Davis’s Accountability, Brewers and Dodgers Cruising, Cubs Love Smokies, and Other Bullets

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Got lost down a Wikipedia wormhole this morning and spent way too much time reading about Triton, the largest satellite of Neptune, as one does.

  • The Brewers won again, this time with relative ease over the Rockies, taking a 2-0 lead in the best-of-five NLDS series. The Brewers have not lost a game since September 22, which was two weeks ago.
  • The Dodgers, though, are almost equally hot, beating the Braves again, and going up 2-0 in their own NLDS series. It’s looking like we’re gonna see an unstoppable force, immovable object situation in the NLCS. By the roster,  you’d have to bet on the Dodgers, but the Brewers have completely forgotten how to lose, so …
  • In the American League, the Astros knocked around the Indians to go up 1-0 in their ALDS series, while the Red Sox held on in a wild one to beat the Yankees in their series.
  • Highlights from all four games:

  • Sahadev Sharma offers his take on The Chili Davis Question:

  • As we’ve talked about already this offseason, it’s difficult to know from the outside just how much blame the organization will place on Davis for the regression in the offense, but when Theo Epstein is talking more and more about results, it’s hard to ignore the steps back taken by so many of the Cubs’ young, still-developing offensive players. That is arguably the most important area a hitting coach can impact, and there are very few “wins” that Davis could point to on that front. At the same time, the Cubs front office went out and chose to make a change at hitting coach because Davis was available. There were no real problems with John Mallee – they just wanted to “upgrade” to Davis. Does that mean they have to give it more than a year?
  • And how does Joe Maddon’s preference factor into this? Certainly, at least by virtue of the things he says publicly, Maddon’s hitting philosophy (middle out, increase contact, allow the pitcher to make mistakes) aligns with Davis’s. But I’d be lying if I said that sounded anything like what Theo Epstein described in his press conference about what THEY wanted to see offensively (fly balls and line drives, selective aggression). I really feel like, if the Cubs are going to stick with Davis for another year, it would be reasonable for them to articulate some more on why no change is justified.
  • A miscellaneous note of context for the many offseason discussions and debates that will occur:

  • The Cubs and the Tennessee Smokies have re-upped their player development contract through 2020, so the Cubs’ AA affiliate will stay there in Knoxville for at least a couple more years.
  • Funky stat indeed:

  • Naturally, that says a couple things: Jon Lester has been fantastic in the postseason recently for the Cubs, and the Cubs’ offense in those starts was absent.
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Author: Brett Taylor

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