Oh My: Astros May Have Been Doing Some Shady Stuff This Postseason … (UPDATES: Indians Filing Complaint)

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Oh My: Astros May Have Been Doing Some Shady Stuff This Postseason … (UPDATES: Indians Filing Complaint)

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It wouldn’t be a spicy MLB postseason without some allegations of cheatin’. And this postseason is officially spicy:

The report indicates that an Astros employee was at Fenway for Game One of the ALCS, near the Red Sox dugout, had a small camera and was texting frequently, all while in the media credential area without a credential. Doesn’t sound *too* bad, except the Red Sox had apparently been warned in advance about the guy because of “suspicious activity” during the ALDS against the Indians.

Apparently MLB is going to investigate, and perhaps we’ll soon see if this is a whole lot of nothing, or if the Astros were – I am speculating based on the description – trying to have an employee eavesdrop on the Red Sox dugout so they could then relay that information back to their own dugout.

I’m reminded of how the Astros have been under a vague cloud of suspicion – by Trevor Bauer, at least – regarding the jumps in spin rate and velocity that new pitchers in their organization seem to experience. There isn’t necessarily any connection here, but it’s just kinda something that comes to my mind when a cheating story pops up about the Astros.

I’m also reminded of when the Red Sox were accused of using an Apple Watch to steal signs last year against the Yankees. This stuff happens.

Since this does not involve the Cubs in any way, I’m just an engaged observer. It’s spicy!

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UPDATE: Oh, this is just too much. The irony:

So, for those keeping score at home, that’s the Astros claiming that they were only spying to make sure the Red Sox weren’t cheating. Say, remember what Chris Correa’s defense was to hacking into the Astros’ systems when he was with the Cardinals? He claimed he was only hacking in to make sure former Cardinals employees hadn’t stolen stuff from the Cardinals and taken it to the Astros! This is just too delicious.

UPDATE 2: I love every bit of this drama:

UPDATE 3: This has legs:

Kinda throws cold water on the whole “oh, we were just trying to make sure the Red Sox weren’t cheating” thing …


Author: Brett Taylor

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