The Dodgers Are Frustrated, the Cubs May Lose from the Front Office, and Other Bullets

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The Dodgers Are Frustrated, the Cubs May Lose from the Front Office, and Other Bullets

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  • Although they loaded the bases against Jeremy Jeffress in the 9th inning last night, the Dodgers couldn’t punch through any runs, and wound up losing Game Three of the NLCS to the Brewers 4-0. The sentiment among Dodger fans sounds a whole lot like the sentiment among Cubs fans this year:

  • Dodgers catcher Yasmani Grandal continues to turn in one of the most eye-poppingly horrible postseason series in recent memory. Having done nothing at the plate, having whiffed on a throw to the plate, having committed catcher interference, having slid into first base – feet first – on a double play, and having missed roughly 800 wild pitches and passed balls already in the first two games, Grandal added to the legend last night by striking out three times, stranding five runners on base, and allowing another wild pitch and a passed ball. He better hope that teams in free agency really, really, REALLY buy the idea that you can’t judge a player’s value solely on a single postseason series, because otherwise he’d have to pay his next team to sign him.
  • Grandal, himself, is unaffected, apparently ( “I think it’s driving you guys more nuts than me. I blocked eight balls in the dirt today. I mean, the one ball that kicks off the plate, we had a man on third, it still hits me in a good spot. It just happened to be one of those plays where as the ball is coming down, it’s picking up speed and it hits the back of the plate, and picks up even more speed. I think any baseball person understands what it is to be able to block a ball like that. The way I see it is overall, I was pretty good. I don’t really hear the noise outside. I value my opinion way over everybody else. That’s what keeps me sane.” I get what you’re going for here, but it reads like a guy who keeps effing up saying that he’s actually doing just fine and stop worrying about it you bozos. Again, you don’t want to put too much into one series and one set of quotes, but Grandal isn’t doing himself any favors.
  • Enrique Hernandez, who has generally seemed an awesome dude, made things worse in his attempt to defend his teammate, tossing blame on the Dodger crowd for being lifeless and quiet except when booing Grandal ( “You know, it’s the playoffs, it’s the big leagues, if they think that they can do it, go ahead. Put on your gear and go catch 99 [mph] with breaking balls that have a lot of movement.” Once again, I get the instinct in the heat of a loss to go there … but it just doesn’t play to rip your own fans for not being professional baseball players when they were paying to come watch actual professional baseball players play professional baseball.

  • In sum, I sense that the Dodgers are frustrated. The Brewers have done that a lot this year.
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  • This should not have gone well:

  • Cubs Insider is reporting that Cubs Assistant GM Shiraz Rehman, long a rising star on the analytical side, is departing for a similar gig in Texas. We’ll wait for official word and more details on how the front office will manage the change, but Rehman might not be the only departure given how many front office openings there are around baseball right now.
  • Fun factoid in Carrie Muskat’s inbox today: how many times do you think the Cubs used their *most common* lineup this year? A whopping five times: Albert Almora Jr., Javy Baez, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Willson Contreras, Kyle Schwarber, Addison Russell, Jason Heyward, and the starting pitcher.
  • In AFL action, Nico Hoerner had his second straight three-hit game after a slow start in the league. Given that he hadn’t played since mid-July with a strained elbow, a little lag was to be expected. Hoerner, 21, was the Cubs’ top pick this year, and was raking in his minor league debut before the injury. It’s rare for a draft pick to go to the AFL in his first year like this, which the Cubs are mostly doing with him to get him some at bats, but it speaks to their belief that he is uncommonly advanced. The former Stanford shortstop figures to have a shot to open the 2019 season at High-A Myrtle Beach.
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