Javy Baez is an Exceptionally Versatile All-Star, Pedro Strop is a Hero, and Other Bullets

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Javy Baez is an Exceptionally Versatile All-Star, Pedro Strop is a Hero, and Other Bullets

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I learned yesterday that I touch my left eyebrow a lot when I type. Like, I type a couple sentences, and then as I mull what I’m going to type next, apparently I touch my left eyebrow. Must be a habit. I learned this because that spot happens to be where I’d punched myself in the face the night before. So, every time I went to rub my eyebrow, I recoiled in pain. I must have done it 15 times yesterday.

  • Javy Baez is an end-of-season All-Star! To Sporting News, anyway. Positionality is the only thing that makes a decision like this semi-tricky, because *obviously* Baez was one of the eight best position players in the NL this year. He gets the second base nod because he got about 200 more innings at second than shortstop this year, but man, in looking, I just marvel at Baez’s innings distribution. Look at where he played – and how much! – and still put up the numbers he did:

2B: 699.2 innings

SS: 462.2 innings

3B: 142.2 innings

1B: 0.1 innings (he is to first base as Anthony Rizzo is to pitching)

  • No other Cubs players even got votes in the Sporting News poll … except for Javy Baez at shortstop.
  • Heading into next season, it’s nice to know the Cubs have Baez, who could be – depending on roster needs – their starting shortstop next year … or starting second baseman … or starting third baseman … or a dude who moves around once again.
  • Although the article goes on to talk about Pedro Strop, I found this lede to be a magnificent moment-in-time snapshot:

  • It’s worth reminding folks at every possible turn that the only Cubs reliever with more WAR than Pedro Strop in his time with the Cubs in the era of the modern bullpen is Carlos Marmol (which I think actually is a good reminder for fans about BOTH of those guys). Bruce Sutter and Lee Smith both dwarf those guys in WAR, but that was kind of a different era of multi-inning bullpen usage for some of your best pitchers.
  • … say, anyone think we might be in for the turn of a new era like that? I suspect the offseason is going to tell us a lot about that, though I tend to think the changes in the bullpen around baseball are going to have more to do with tons and tons of quality arms all throwing a lot rather than a few guys who constantly go multiple innings.
  • The Cubs have a message today:

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  • Mitch Trubisky is doing some – well, if not Kris Bryant – Kyle Schwarber type things over for the Bears:


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