Superagent Scott Boras Speaks: Russell's Status, Pursuing Harper, Tanking, More

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Superagent Scott Boras Speaks: Russell’s Status, Pursuing Harper, Tanking, More

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If it’s a major baseball event where executives and agents are gathered, you can bet that superagent Scott Boras will be in attendance, in the middle of a media scrum, and tossing out one-liners.

Mixed in, he also offers a player-friendly perspective on the state of the game, as well as tidbits about some of his players. To that end, there were quite a few items of note this evening.

On Addison Russell:

As with the front office, I wouldn’t necessarily expect the public message to be anything different right now. And serving discipline while getting therapy is certainly an important part of the process for Russell. In my view, there also needs to be a public part of this process if he were ever going to return to the extremely public-facing job on the infield for the Chicago Cubs. The issue is bigger than just Russell and just the Cubs, so if they truly want to be part of a meaningful, impactful solution, this moment cannot just be about a suspension, some therapy, and boom he’s back on the field for the Cubs.

Boras touched on Bryce Harper and the pursuit or non-pursuit of the teams in Chicago:

He did, you’ll note, get somewhat directly into the Yankees as non-pursuers:

The implication there, applicable (in theory) to the Cubs, too, is that teams are not going to be showing their hand when it comes to a free agent like Harper.

Boras also took on tanking, in which he obviously has a self-interest, but that doesn’t mean he’s entirely wrong:

You are reminded that the league intentional did whatever it could over the past decade to continuously restrict the ways clubs could spend aggressively on amateur talent. The result? Losing games and trading away big league pieces became all the more attractive to even large market clubs. This is what an unintended consequence looks like.


Author: Brett Taylor

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