Nico's Wild Ride, Phillies' Wild Spending, Voters' Wild Voting, and Other Bullets

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Nico’s Wild Ride, Phillies’ Wild Spending, Voters’ Wild Voting, and Other Bullets

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The Little Boy is having a Thanksgiving program and feast at his school this morning, so I’m gonna go check that out. If there’s no stuffing, I’m yanking him from school.

  • The Arizona Fall League is coming to a close with its championship game this weekend, and for Cubs prospects, it’s already over. Top draft pick Nico Hoerner wound up hitting a whopping .337/.362/.506, which, even accounting for some BABIP inflation, is incredibly impressive when you consider the competition he was facing as a guy who had played exactly 14 pro games before coming into the league. The potential to be special is there, especially if he can stick at shortstop, and Hoerner will take some things away from the experience ( “I feel like I understand already what I do that works for me at this level, but also things I really need to work on and got exposed in some ways. So for me moving forward, it helps my offseason knowing what I need to work on a lot. Pitch selection and approach, not so much I need to revamp my swing or anything but just getting to know how pitchers work and focusing on my strengths.”

  • Quite a year for Hoerner overall, eh? He gets picked in the first round by the Cubs, he glides through three levels of the minors quickly while raking, he hurts his elbow and is shut down, and then he gets to play in a postseason league that is full of quality prospects who’ve been pros for years. Oh and he puts up an OPS near .870 in the process.
  • More from the Cubs’ contingent in the AFL, as well as the need for a guy like Adbert Alzolay to come back strong:

  • We’ll get into this more in a Lukewarm Stove, but I just wanted to share it here so that I could comment artfully upon Scott Boras’s doubtless throbbing tumescence when he sees this headline:

  • This is insanity, and you are advised to check out the whole article/explanation to bask in the wrong-ness:

  • Chicago sports teams teaming up:

  • Second place in the MVP voting, first place in our hearts:

  • Before the snows truly descend:

  • And Amazon has turned on their Black Friday Deals Week, which means a bunch more Deals of the Day than usual – Call of Duty, knives, coffee, toys, headphones, holiday decor, and much more.


Author: Brett Taylor

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