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Want to target a dedicated fan base? Want to boldly display your products and services where no other products and services have been displayed before? Want your message displayed on tens of thousands of page views every day? Want me to stop asking lame, pseudo-marketing questions?

Bleacher Nation is one of the most popular Chicago Cubs news, rumors, and analysis sites on the Internet, home to some 25,000 visitors a day. On any given day, those visitors view 50,000 pages, leave hundreds of comments, and give the site a genuine community feel. More than 50% of those visits are direct – our readers are regular, consistent, fully-engaged types, if that happens to float your boat. To date, the site’s busiest month came in July 2013, when it was home to more than 1.1 million visitors, viewing more than 3.55 million pages.

And, not to brag, but Bleacher Nation has been mentioned on,, and, among many others. Ok, that’s bragging.

Bleacher Nation is also a widely-followed member of the Cubs’ social media sphere, with over 28,000 followers on Twitter and 6800 fans on Facebook. We can use social media to serve a campaign, or to enhance an on-site plan.

If you are interested in discussing advertising here at Bleacher Nation, just contact us.