Bryce Harper on Becoming a $400 Million Player: "Don't Sell Me Short"

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Bryce Harper on Becoming a $400 Million Player: “Don’t Sell Me Short”

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bryce-harper-nationalsBryce Harper is coming off of an MVP season at the ripe old age of 22. He is absurdly good. He’s going to be a free agent at age 26. If he keeps up his performance at anywhere close to his current level, the amount he’ll receive in free agency will be staggering.

How about becoming the first $400 million player? That staggering enough for you?

Well, it’s not for Harper.

In an interview with Washington’s Grant and Danny Show on the Fan, Harper was asked about the possibility of becoming the first $400 million player when he reaches free agency. Harper first said the things you’d expect him to say about not worrying about it, just playing the games, trying to help his team win, and all that.

But then he dropped this bomb of confidence:

“But don’t sell me short. That’s what you’re doing right now to me, so don’t do that.”

That was not a clown comment, bro. Now I wonder how high he’ll be setting his sights. $500 million? $600 million? The gross domestic product of France? (That’s about $2.8 trillion, by the way.)

The full interview with Harper will air on Friday, and it sounds like it’s going to be quite a listen.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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