This Guy is in Serious Pain - Except He Didn't Actually Get Hit

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This Guy is in Serious Pain – Except He Didn’t Actually Get Hit

Baseball Is Fun

And the Oscar goes to … not this college ballplayer from Arkansas.

In a college baseball game featuring Arkansas vs. Ole Miss., a batter pretends to get beaned with a pitch on his right elbow. The only problem is, the pitch didn’t come anywhere close to hitting him. Watch his not-so-Oscar-worthy performance, which includes a call to the trainer:

I keep watching it on a loop and I can’t stop laughing. It never even came close. But my favorite part of this entire video is what happens after he is tossed.

After putting on a 30 second show over how much his elbow hurts, he takes an enormous cut at the next pitch, swings his bat violently after whiffing, throws a fist pump, launches his helmet and ultimately throws his bat … all with an elbow that is terribly in pain. 

Then, he has the nerve to argue with the umpire like there’s even a question that he was just lying about being hit. If you’re going to go through all of that, and commit to being hit, why wouldn’t you finish it out. Certainly striking out looking, because “your elbow hurt and you couldn’t swing” must have been a better alternative than what actually ends up happening.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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