Josh Collmenter is a Diamondbacks Pitcher/Physics Professor

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Josh Collmenter is a Diamondbacks Pitcher/Physics Professor

Baseball Is Fun

Josh Collmenter is a pitcher by trade, but a professor for fun:

Pfft. And they say Spring Training is too long.

You can read more on Collmenter’s interest in instructing his teammates here at Cut4, and it sounds like it’s just a matter of Collmenter having some knowledge to share – or desire to dig into things that come up in conversation with teammates – and then some of his fellow players want to hear from him. It’s like college, if you were paid to go and really got to choose what you wanted to learn about. Oh, and if you fall asleep in class, the prof can buzz you with a fastball.

And speaking of baseball and physics, I have an excuse to share one of the coolest articles about the subject that you’ll ever read from xkcd.

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