Makes Total Sense: Braves New Ballpark to Feature Zip Line

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Makes Total Sense: Braves New Ballpark to Feature Zip Line

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suntrust parkLook. I would make fun of this situation if I weren’t already unabashedly in favor of crazy things in baseball stadiums, like a lazy river (that’s really happening), ski slopes (that’s already happened), and golf courses (also already happened).

So when the Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that the Atlanta Braves plan to include a zip line in their new ballpark, which is to be open for the 2017 season, I can’t make fun. I just nod and say, “Yeah, man, that sounds about right.”


For now, the Braves are releasing few details about the attraction, but the Zip Line would most likely be behind the ballpark’s video board and take people from one side of the concourse to the other.

Being that it’s at a ballpark, and is explicitly being sold as a family-friendly attraction, I doubt the zip line is going to be terribly exciting. But, still. It’s a zip line inside a ballpark.

Keep the crazy ideas coming, teams.

We’ve already seen pools over the wall, but how about a hot tub in the middle of the outfield? Hit the ball in there and you get a take an inning off with the fans who bought tickets there.

An old fashioned soda bar underneath home plate, with a glass ceiling to watch the action from below?

How about a miniature ballpark inside the ballpark where shrunken players play a game concurrently with the “big” league game? And inside that ballpark is an even smaller ballpark, but the ants inside that one are attending a concert!


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