Adrian Beltre is Very Disappointed in You, Elvis Andrus

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Adrian Beltre is Very Disappointed in You, Elvis Andrus

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Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo may form two halves of an adorable MLBromance known as #Bryzzo (they even have their own souvenir company), but even their personalties and antics can’t top the original duo of shortstop Elvis Andrus and third baseman Adrian Beltre.

Look at how Beltre treats Andrus after mistaking a long double for a home run:

Immediately off the bat, Andrus thought he got all of that one down the left field line, but as it bounces off the wall, he (literally laughingly) realizes that he may need to pick up the pace a little. As the camera pans back to the Rangers dugout, you can see Beltre giving him a look and some gestures that essentially equate to “Hey, nice job and all, but get off your ass and RUN!”).

But it doesn’t end there. One pitch later, Andrus is rounding third and scoring off a another double. As he returns to the dugout, though, he’s met with some serious silent treatment and the evil eye from his buddy Adrian (who denies the fist bump, too!).

Man, that look will burn right through you.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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