Two Crazy Home Runs in One Game ... Neither of Which Was Actually a Home Run (VIDEOS)

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Two Crazy Home Runs in One Game … Neither of Which Was Actually a Home Run (VIDEOS)

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On Monday evening, the Miami Marlins played host to the Milwaukee Brewers in a game that featured some fairly unusual home run happenings. To be vague, before I show you the videos, here’s the basics:

  1. Derek Dietrich hit a ball that stayed in the park and turned into a home run.
  2. J.T. Realmuto hit a ball out of the park that turned into a single.

Here’s how the first one played out. It was a good ole’ fashioned, little league home run:

Dietrich deposits a line drive into the right field corner, that looks – off the bat – like a solid stand up double … until Dietrich rounds second and heads for third. Alex Presley (Brewers right fielder) gets to the ball fairly quickly, but on the relay, the ball bounces off of Dietrich as he approaches third (with a slightly better throw, he may have been out). The ball shakes loose and Dietrich eventually makes his way home (and frantically searches for his inhaler while lying on his back at home plate).

Little League home run -> complete.

Earlier in the game, J.T. Realmuto had some home run shenanigans of his own, only in reverse:

Realmuto sends one out to deep center field and it is a legitimately crushed, obviously-out-of-the-park home run. The only problem is, no one told Marcell Ozuna, who was tagging up at first (hey, center field in Miami is pretty ridiculous, so it’s hard to blame him too much) … only to be passed by Realmuto on the base paths. Oops.

The home run was officially changed to a single and an RBI – with Ozuna scoring and Realmuto called out.

So, two home runs in one game. Neither of which were home runs.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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