When You Know You're Gonna Be Out at First, You Might As Well Dance (VIDEO)

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When You Know You’re Gonna Be Out at First, You Might As Well Dance (VIDEO)

Baseball Is Fun

With no outs in the top of the fifth inning on Sunday, Mallex Smith of the Atlanta Braves stepped up to the plate to play a little small ball. Down a run to the Royals with a runner on first, Smith placed a bunt down the first base line.

Although the bunt effectively pushed the runner over to second, it wasn’t quite the type of bunt that’ll typically lead to a hit … but that doesn’t mean Smith didn’t try in a uniquely creative, stylistic way:

Thanks for the dance. 

Smith does a little shimmy to deke Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer, but Hosmer was able to resist the fake out AND resist the urge to engage in an impromptu dance-off (what a disciplined veteran of the game).

Maybe next time, Mallex.

Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami is the butler to a wealthy werewolf off the coast of Wales and a writer at Bleacher Nation. You can find him on Twitter at @Michael_Cerami