Auburn Softball Stages Incredible Comeback, Wins on Walk-Off Grand Slam

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Auburn Softball Stages Incredible Comeback, Wins on Walk-Off Grand Slam

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Care to see what genuine, authentic excitement looks like? Then look no further than Auburn’s crazy-awesome comeback against an intimidating Oklahoma team (which was riding a 31-game winning streak) in the Women’s College Softball World Series.

After losing game 1 of a three game World Series on Monday night, Auburn found themselves losing 7-0 in the second inning of Tuesday’s match-up (a potential clincher for Oklahoma). But a huge rally tied the game up at seven, the game went into extra innings, and set up what was ultimately a truly magical moment.

Auburn loaded the bases and then Emily Carosone did this:

I don’t think you could write it up any better than that. Down 7-0 in the second inning of an elimination game, stage a huge comeback, and walk it off with a grand slam at home in front of a rambunctious crowd. Great hit, great celebration, and an all around awesome moment.

You can read more about the game (that also featured an Auburn home run robbery in the 6th inning) here. Game three of the series will be held Wednesday night, and one team will emerge as the World Series Champions. I don’t inherently have a dog in this race, but I can’t help but root for Auburn. What a story that would be.

Author: Michael Cerami

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