Cardinals Catcher Brayan Pena to Join Army Reserves (UPDATE: MLB Prohibits It)

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Cardinals Catcher Brayan Pena to Join Army Reserves (UPDATE: MLB Prohibits It)

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UPDATE: Apparently Brayan Pena won’t be able to join the Army Reserves after all, as his contract prohibits it.

You know how you feel the day after New Years Eve? Wait, no, not the hangover. Instead, I mean the feeling of motivation, of change, of action. Every year, people say things like, “I’m gonna go to the gym – for the next two weeks!” or “I’m gonna cut out carbs – besides bread, of course!” or “I’m gonna join the army – wait, I … what?

Okay, that last one might not be applicable to you or to New Years Eve, for that matter, but it is to Brayan Pena and the day after Independence Day. Check out his plans for the offseason, announced on July 5:

Well, that’s certainly one way to stay in shape.

Pena, 34, is a Cuba-born catcher, currently playing for the St. Louis Cardinals. Other than on baseball, you may recognize his name from his unbelievably good (no, seriously) piece on defecting from Cuba and becoming an American citizen in The Players’ Tribune.

After an already fascinating (and sometimes scary) adventure of a life, Pena will now add one more feather to his cap: the Army Reserves. I’m not sure there’s much consensus on what the manliest of men look like, but a guy like Pena can’t be too far off.

Author: Michael Cerami

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