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Why Slide When You Can Tag The Base Standing Up?

Baseball Is Fun

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Angels beat the Tampa Bay Rays by a score of 7-2. And in a game with nine runs scored, like that one, there’s bound to be some exciting moments. For example, Logan Forsythe hit his 7th home run, Mike Trout hit his 18th and then stole a base, and there were three doubles, three double plays and an outfield assist.

But none of those moments trumped either of the two weirdest maneuvers to avoid a tag we’ve seen in a while. And, before you watch, don’t get me wrong: we’ve definitely seen much better moves to avoid a tag this season, these ones are notable because just silly.

Can’t touch this dot gif.

One move like that in a game may have gone completely unnoticed, but two of the exact same walk-around, tag-the-plate-standing-up maneuvers is so unusual. But hey, I’m not complaining. The result is mighty funny.

Can't touch this

Author: Michael Cerami

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