Last Night's Highlights: Asche Lays Out, Fernandez Ks 14, Lind Walks It Off

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Last Night’s Highlights: Asche Lays Out, Fernandez Ks 14, Lind Walks It Off

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We’re going to start a new thing at Baseball is Fun today, and you’re looking at it: Last Night’s Highlights. Every morning, you can come here and expect to see at least three videos/gifs/vines/whathaveyou of the best plays from the night before.

Unlike some of the posts you’ve grown accustom to, these highlights don’t necessarily have to be funny, unusual, or particularly unique, BUT they will definitely be the meaningful, exciting and difficult plays that we’ve grown accustom to gushing over.

You can still look for regular posting throughout the day, as well, but now you’ll have three guaranteed things to watch every morning!

I know, I know, it’s a great idea, but please save the high fives:

1. Okay, so first let’s check in on some excellent DEFENSE from the Phillies’ Cody Asche. With two outs in the top of the 10th inning, J.T. Realmuto sends a line drive into left center field, but Asche makes a fantastic diving catch that saved a run and likely the game. Check it out:


2. From the other bench of the very same game, Jose Fernandez riffled off 14 strikeouts in a dominant PITCHING performance for the Marlins. It took him just 6.1 innings to record all of them, watch them all in 14 seconds.

3. Lastly, watch Adam Lind provide all the OFFENSE the Mariners needed in a walk-off, three-run, two-out, bottom-of-the-ninth home run against the Chicago White Sox. He also hits a jump shot at the end.

Oh, and also:

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