30 Ballparks in 33 Days; One Man's Journey Across North America

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30 Ballparks in 33 Days; One Man’s Journey Across North America

Baseball Is Fun

How many ball parks have you been to in your lifetime?

Despite being a huge baseball fan, myself, I can’t claim that I’ve conquered too many stadiums. As a midwesterner, I’ve been to Wrigley Field (1), U.S. Cellular Field (2), Miller Park (3), Busch Stadium (4), New Miami Stadium (5) and that’s it. Five parks, no Yankee Stadium, no Fenway, no Dodgers Stadium.

I undoubtedly have my work cut out for me, but it’ll take me some time. After all, how quickly could you really see them all?

Oh, well la di da: Apparently, just 33 days.

Indeed Garnet Miller is making his away across North America to catch a baseball game at all 30 stadiums in just 33 (!) days. He started the trip on July 9, and will finish at Wrigley Field just days before his 40th birthday. When asked why he was doing it, he responded with a simple, “Just to say I did it, I guess.” His trip is already underway – he caught the All-Star game in San Diego – but starting Friday, he’ll have 26 games in 26 days straight. No rests, no breathers, just a lot of baseball, beers and hot dogs, I’m guessing.

I’m guessing it’ll take me quite a while longer.

Photo supplied by Garnet Miller, via CBC News Edmonton

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Author: Michael Cerami

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