Jayson Werth Kidnaps, Holds Hostage a Fan's Bruce Bochy Gnome

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Jayson Werth Kidnaps, Holds Hostage a Fan’s Bruce Bochy Gnome

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Yeah, that headline, right? I’m not even really sure how to share much more than that, I’ll just try to give you some context, I guess.

On Sunday, the Nationals arrived at AT&T park to take on the Giants in a big NL East-to-West showdown. Separately (and weirdly), it happened to be Bruce Bochy Gnome give-away night, because apparently, traditional bobble heads weren’t creepy enough:

Bruce Bochy Gnomes (1)

Anyway, when a few Giants’ fans left their gnomes unattended near the Nationals’ dugout, Jayson Werth took things into his own hands, by committing the most heinous crime of all: Gnome-kidnappery. Check it out:

As the video discusses, the Giants fans who lost their gnome, even came up with a “Lost Gnome” sign, to help find their friend, but it didn’t help:

Lost Gnome

There isn’t much hope now, though, because most kidnapped gnomes are found in the first 24 hours or not at all (that’s a fact). What a truly tragic story.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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