Wil Myers Stole Home on Homer Bailey Without A Slide (!)

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Wil Myers Stole Home on Homer Bailey Without A Slide (!)

Baseball Is Fun

On more than one occasion, I’ve reasserted my belief that the straight steal of home is the most impressive and exciting play in all of baseball (especially when you’re sliding through your teammate’s legs).

The amount of speed, intensity, skill, careful planning, guts, and – most importantly – luck it takes to pull off makes it, in my opinion, the most difficult and rare events in baseball. That said, Wil Myers’ steal of home yesterday was a little less challenging and a little less exciting.

Watch as he sprints across home plate without a slide, after Homer Bailey turns his back to the plate:

That’s a pretty big goof for the Reds, and it almost cost them the game (they ended up holding on 3-2). And that play may not have required as much skill as a typical straight steal of home, but it certainly took enough guts. Wil Myers –> guts haver.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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